Tanning Tips

Pro tips & tricks to getting
a natural & effortless tan

Pre-tanning tips

Day Before Tan

Ideally, the day before or 4 hours prior, remove any old spray tan and exfoliate with an oil free body exfoliant, tan eraser foam, or with a professional exfoliating.

Products available in our smart vending machine.

Concentrate on dry skin areas.
Better still, take a bath the day before, soak in warm water for at least 10 minutes and then exfoliate with a professional exfoliating mitt to remove any old spray tan

Be sure to wax and or shave at least 24 hours prior with a fresh high quality razor. This will allow the skin time to calm down. If you shave or wax too close to your appointment, the spray tan may seep into your pores, irritate your skin, and may leave dark spots.

Complete any beauty treatments such as spa treatments, brows, facials, manicures, and pedicures at least 24 hours prior due to the barriers that some products, lotions, and oils your spa treatment products, beautician, or nail technician may apply which can affect the results of your tan.

Use oil free body wash, avoid bar soaps, and cream based body washes as these can create a barrier on the skin and can affect your tan results.

tanning tips

Day of Tan

We recommend you shower at least 4 hours before your tan to allow your PH levels to neutralise.  

Although, don’t worry if you need to shower just before your tan, have a cold shower or else run cold running water for the last 30 seconds of your shower to minimise your pores;

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you use oil free body exfoliates/washes (no bar soaps or cream based body washes) as this will leave residue on your skin and may create white dots due to a chemical or oil barrier on the skin (our shower and exfoliate room are stocked with oil free body washes).

Come to your appointment with clean, dry skin if possible with no make-up, perfume, deodorant or moisturises.

Some products contain ingredients which will affect the way the tanning formula is absorbed into the skin. Water based products are usually fine, however oil or alcohol based products will interfere with the tanning formula. Best to play it safe and ditch the products.

If you need to arrive with make-up and deodorant on, you can purchase some body and face wet wipes from our smart vending machine and/or book into our shower and exfoliate room to shower off any lotions, barriers or make up.  

Wear dark, loose fitting clothing with shoes that won’t rub your tan.

Note, the bronzer in some of the solutions may transfer to your clothing, but it is water soluble and should wash out.*

*If you choose our unique “sea clear” option, dark clothes are not required as there is no bronzer so it will not transfer onto your clothes or bed sheets!



Absolutely! Spray tanning is a much safer alternative than exposing your skin to the sun’s dangerous rays. Forget laying out for hours on end and potentially causing skin cancer – spray tans are effortless and allow you to have natural, tanned, glowing skin within minutes.

Our spray tan booths are well-ventilated, and our tanning solutions are technologically advanced with natural ingredients to eliminate that unpleasant typical spray tan odor.

We’ve made it easy for you to enter without needing any key tags or cards. It’s as simple as downloading the La Sol Tan App (key), and through here you’re able to check in securely to the studio.

When you arrive at the studio, open your app, click check in and hold your phone 10-15cm away from the reader. All sessions must be pre-paid to enter. If unable to enter, check your membership is up to date. Any issues, La Sol Tan staff can be reached at any time of the day.

There are no cameras within the spray tan booth or bathrooms for your peace of mind and security. However, our studio is fully secured with security cameras to ensure your safety. We have carefully selected our locations to ensure they are in well lit and secure locations. La Sol Tan staff can be reached via phone at any time of the day.

Contactless spray tanning uses new technology to deliver healthy, natural results. No more stripping naked in front of strangers, enjoy private state of the art technology booths to achieve your perfect glow. 

Our VersaSpa® PRO booths feature the most amazing technology that detects your height and features 3 spray nozzles for full and even tan coverage. Say goodbye to goosebumps and chills as our booths are warmed to perfection and dry you during the process to keep you comfortable.

We wanted our tanning products to not only help you to look perfectly tanned, but also be good for your skin too. 

Our non-toxic solutions are made from premium ingredients that are completely paraben free, cruelty free, gluten free, sulfate free, 100% vegan and will not clog your pores. We’ve also added Marine Algae to hydrate and detoxify skin while you tan! 

PLUS, say goodbye to bad smelling spray tans, as our solutions are formulated with odor control technology to eliminate that typical spray tan odor. Our clear tans are also fragranced with Raspberry Almond to keep you smelling nice and fresh!

We love our shade offerings and we know you will too. We offer three different colour solutions with different undertones, from here you can choose from 4 levels of darkness! Completely customisable and personalised to your liking.

Choose Your Shade 

1. Sol Golden

Golden dream! This green base tan blended with warm brown undertones, develops into the perfect golden bronze tan. 


Riviera has violet undertones, developing into a deep exotic beach tan. 

3.Sea Clear

Sprays on clear with no colour transfer onto clothes. Suitable for all skin tones, developing into a natural beach tan. 

For more detail, refer to our tanning menu here.

Life moves pretty fast, and so do our tanning booths! Step into the booth and in four easy poses, you’ll have a natural looking tan in just 4 minutes. All up, we recommend you allow about 15 minutes in total to select your tan colour, get changed, tan and be back on your way! 

Our tans are long-lasting up to 7 days and may be prolonged with the right pre and post care. An optional primer can be included in your tan to ensure the best and longest lasting tan as possible! After care is also extremely important in extending the life of your tan. The secret is to keep your skin well hydrated and moisturised! 

Cottesloe and Scarborough. We spent a lot of time and thought into selecting our locations to make sure they are located with free, accessible parking, easy to get in and out off without a long walk back to your car and also make sure they are in a secure location so you feel comfortable coming at any time! 

Cottesloe and Scarborough both have ample free car parking out the front. 

Cottesloe – Shop 1/10 Station Street, Cottesloe 

Scarbrough – Shop 4, 68 Scarborough Beach Road, Scarborough 

We recommend you wait at least 24-48 hours after you have had any lash extensions, although best to check with your lash specialist.

After guide

Post Tan Tips

Sol Golden: Rinse body 6 – 8 hours after tan. 

Recommend rinse hands and face around 2 hours. 

Riviera: Rinse body 6 – 8 hours after tan. 

Recommend rinse hands and face around 2 hours. 

Sea Clear: Wear all day or 8 hours after tan, note we suggest rinsing hands and face earlier for best results. 

Pro tan tip: need a tan in a hurry? Select a tan with the primer and go 1 shade darker than you usually would. You may then be able to rinse in 3 hours (body) and rinse face and hands in 1 hour. 

Your tan is still developing even once you rinse it off and it will continue to develop for 24 hours since you had your tan.  No moisturiser is best during this time also.

Tip, for a more natural look, you may wish to rinse your hands and face 60 minutes after you tan.

Complete any beauty treatments such as spa treatments, facials, manicures, and pedicures at least 24 hours prior due to the barriers that some products, lotions, and oils your spa treatment products, beautician, or nail technician may apply which can affect the results of your tan. 

If you had a manicure and pedicure on the same day, request no lotions/oils. 

Chemical peels aren’t recommended. We also suggest you stop using retinoids and hydroxy acids from your skin care regime 24 hours before your appointment. These ingredients increase cell turnover, which will cause your tan to fade more quickly.

This will help prolong your tan. Note, your tan is still developing up to 24 hours after you get your tan, so it is best to start moisturising after your second shower post tan and then moisturise every day and night.

For best results, tan extending body butter is available in our studios smart vending machine to help prolong your tan.