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Level 1 Sol Tan

$45.95 Per month

Level 2 Sol Tan

$84.95 per month

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$119.95 per month

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$144.95 per month

T&Cs: Monthly memberships can be cancelled within 5 business days notice via email. To upgrade your membership, please contact us.

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À La Carte & Membership Options

We offer a variety of memberships to suit your tanning dreams. Whether you desire a once-off sunkissed tan for a special event, or you simply love to maintain that weekly glow, we cater to your needs. 

Casual / Pay As You Go - $54.95

Single Contactless Spray Tan Session. 

For those who are new to spray tanning or for an occasional special event. Includes an optional primer, usually $10.

pre-paid packs

5 pack - $250

5x contactless spray tan session with free optional primer (save $24.75)

10 pack - $400

10 x contactless spray tan sessions with free optional primer (save $149)

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Once you’re a member, you enjoy a fully automated spray tan and full access to our private luxurious shower and exfoliation room for you to use at your convenience by simply logging into our App. It’s as easy as that!

Even if your routine or life changes, enjoy the flexibility to update or pause your membership. Stay with us because you want to, not because you have to.