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How It Works



Join our studio via our website here, then download our La Sol Tan phone app to book in a time that works for you!



Arrive at our studio, open the La Sol Tan app and select “check in” to access the studio via our bluetooth reader. Tip: hold your phone 10-15cm from the code reader to access through the front door. You must have pre-paid for your session to be granted entry.



Enter your private tan room and select your tan from our tanning menu.


Tan Time

Step into the tan booth and follow the voice-guided prompts to be tanned in 4 minutes!

Iphone mockup

la sol tan menu

Select Your Shade

Decide on your perfect spray tan shade from the menu in your private tan room. Then enter the number into the selector box. Don’t worry, the machine won’t activate until you are ready! 

Note: all La Sol tans are suitable for all skin tones, we have just recommended the best ones for certain skin tones.                  Amalfi Express is only available in Tan Room 1 & Sea Clear is only available in Tan Room 2.

Still Not Sure Which Shade?

Take our quiz to discover your perfect tan shade.


Before You Enter The Booth

La Sol Tan Step 1

Step 01

Get undressed and remove any jewellery.

La Sol Tan Step 2

Step 02

Put on hair cap and leave your hairline and ears exposed.

La Sol Tan Step 3

Step 03

Apply blending cream to your palms, back of hands and feet including nails. Do not apply to bottom of feet.

La Sol Tan Step 4

Step 04

Apply sticky feet to keep bottom of feet to keep clean.


It’s Tan Time!

When you are ready to start your tan, step into the booth and tap on the green start button. 

The voice guide will walk you through 4 easy poses.

La Sol Tan Pose 1

Pose 01

La Sol Tan Pose 2

Pose 02

La Sol Tan Pose 3

Pose 03

La Sol Tan Pose 4

Pose 04

After: Remove blending cream from palm of your hands using our water based wipes. Avoid getting wet until first rinse. For best results, use a blending brush to blend around sides palms, hands and feet (blending brushes available from the La Sol Tan our smart vending machines).


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